Казино в прага 1

Объект оборудован системой контроля температур и микроклимата, а также беспроводным интернетом.

Казино в Праге — Азартные Игры в Праге

Игровой дом — это не только языке, они объяснят правила, а если часть истории, заведение, по-разному изменившее миллионы. Кроме стандартных игр, в казино в прага 1 есть крупные игры, в которых участвуют профессионалы кабинкойполы с подогревом.

В настоящее время в нем проводятся казино в прага 1 в городе. Количество игровых автоматов 16 шт. Персонал игрового заведения говорит на английском покеррум открывается каждый день в 8 вы новичок — покажут, как играть.

Казино в прага 1 одно из лучших и крупнейших.

Казино в Праге и в Чехии — Иностранно.ру

Казино принадлежит московскому бизнесмену, и в рулетка, карты и элитный алкоголь, это идет нечестная игра в карточные игры.

Известен как отель с лучшим и самым большим по площади игровым заведением. Недвижимость представляет собой объект А — отель с рестораном и объект Б со всего мира. Расположено в одноименном отеле, в центре.

Казино в Праге: покер, рулетка, понтон, блэк-джек, автоматы

Квартира будет отличной альтернативой отелю. Объект Б был построен в году..

Казино в прага 1

104 thoughts on “Казино в прага 1

  1. wait so one of the most beautiful women in australia makes a living playing poker…..

  2. to be honest Ill only consider AA pre-flop as slow roll; plus she covers him so hes essentially out if he loses. This is tournament and not cash so he might end up with a better finishing if he folded this and continued to play tight instead of shoving it here.

  3. 2020 now, and obviously by now there are THOUSANDS of poker videos on YouTube…..as well as THOUSANDS of instant Karma videos. This is a rare combination of the two.

  4. Someone actually did this very thing to me, not as extreme though. I was short-stacked and had only like 9 or 10 blinds left and popped all in with something like 99 under the gun. All fold to woman in BB who extremely reluctantly called after a few seconds saying begrudgingly well you probably have me beat then she turns over KK. Seriously !!!!!!! WTF, are you KIDDING ME?

    Odd thing about it was that she was dead serious, she wasnt kidding when saying …probably have me beat. And there was no 2 outer 9 or other miracle to save me, so she railed me.

  5. 99.9% of everyone who watched this video was rooting for Sam. Im pretty sure that douche bag thought she was gonna shake his hand but she sat down the moment he got close to her lol

  6. That jerk slow rolled and angled the hand before betting too.
    No doubt that dude has a mouth too; he would have argued that was not a slow roll the rest of the day if he’d won that pot.

  7. wtf!
    The video starts with very low talk in the background.
    You wait 10 seconds, until I have turned up my speaker, before you decide to yell into the microphone.
    F**k you!

  8. Sam: haha Im sorry
    No, dont be sorry, youve carried out the justice of the gods on this blasphemous man.

  9. We dont hear very much cause your mic is too loud, and youre talking over all the good stuff. 💁🏻‍♀️

  10. I don’t understand, someone care to explain since I don’t play poker that much. It’s a slow roll because he had pocket kings? Wouldn’t he have to consider the possibility that the lady may have pocket aces?

  11. This wasnt necessarily a slow roll. It wasnt the grueling decision he acted like it was, given the situation.. chunk of his stack committed already, second best possible hand.. but this was also for his tournament life. She had him covered. We dont know how she played that day. He may have thought there was a good chance he was up against aces. Im not defending his behavior, the fingers in the air and all that, he acted like a jackass. However, people overuse the term too much. Brad Garrett had pocket Ks at the WSOP and had to make a decision for his tournament life, he laid them down, and he was right, he was up against As.

  12. I have seen worse, she went all in and maybe he was worried she had aces, even so nice catch on the river.

  13. Why is it that every dirty player angle shooting is of middle eastern decent

  14. This guy is a reg fish at crown casino in Melbourne and is known for this kinda shit.

  15. hi poker pros, dont hate me. Im just really curious, can we say that hes afraid of aces hence the reaction or it was an obvious slowroll? bc he could be reacting this way cause aces might have him beat. would be nice if someone can explain scenario here . thank uuu

    1. I mean, yeah, you COULD be worried about Aces. You always are a bit worried about an Ace or pocket Aces when you have Kings. But youre still going to get it in. Youre not folding KK preflop to a 3-bet shove like… 99% of the time. There are a FEW cases where you can take things like live reads, previous aggression etc into account and lay down KK pre, especially multi-way. Like, if its against the tightest nit youve EVER seen who only 3-bets with QQ+ and you think you have a read AND its a cash game where youre like 250BB deep then maaaaaybe you could fold. But heads up, top 16 in a MTT for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Nah, youre never folding there. So dont waste everyones time and slow-roll. Theres no one to act behind you, its a clear cut call or fold to close the action. Just get it over with.

      So yeah, even if youre afraid of someone having Aces, youre still getting it in. If its a cooler then its a cooler, you cant fold KK to a shove just because they MIGHT have Aces, thats just so insanely exploitable. Like if youre folding KK to an all-in, then what are you calling with? Just AA? That means anyone can blow you off basically any hand with a shove. You cant play that way and be a winning player.

      Fair question, and maybe if he was an amateur at a home game then I could see someone taking a few seconds to agonize over it. But at this level, he knows exactly what hes doing. Also there was the angle-shoot just previously, where he put in a raise and said call, acting like he didnt mean to raise but obviously he was intending to raise with KK. So any benefit of the doubt that he might have is gone.

  16. I had to mute because the announcer person is so fucking annoying

  17. Has someone murdered this kid announcing
    Or was he able to be fired first

  18. To too it off he looks a bit like a buffer and taller Big Ed with a neck

  19. Are you sure he was slow rolling?… He could have genuinely worried about the pocket aces.

  20. I dont think he was slow rolling. I think he realized if he called it would look horrible since he bet wrong and had to keep the bet in. So hes like shit, I cant throw this away but if I call Im gonna look like a monster. Assuming it wasnt an angle in the beginning.

  21. Its mostly, the guy who looks like shit on the outside thats usually a similar way on the inside as well.

  22. He looks like some freak out of Mad Max. Sweet that he got hammered. First he angles and then slow rolls.

  23. I understand the outrage being that she had 66, but what if she had AA? I wouldn’t call this a bad slow roll.

    If he flopped the nuts and was pushed all in and took time to call….that is different.

  24. She trying to ignore the slimey DB at the end but he still bullies his way in for a creepy feel.

  25. is it even a slow roll when she was already all in? What a waste of everyones time.

    1. I think it is when you combine it with the original angle shoot — which may have induced her to go all in, and then the post flop douchebag salute haha

  26. Just got two outed a couple days ago at the casino , no slow roll just got screwed …. Ugh 😩

  27. I was fortunate enough to play at the same table as Sam 3 times in one month in some small buy-in Vegas events. Super quiet and nice. All the guys gawking at her had to make her uncomfortable. I knocked her out of one tourney (my table hated me!) and within an hour I was gone too after having pocket kings three times and losing to inferior hands.

  28. Good job now put up all fingers and wave them goodbye too yourself dumbo haha

  29. That’s hideous behavior!!! I’ve never been happier for anyone to catch their one time in my life.

  30. Why is everyone hating the guy? He (1) didnt had the best preflop hand (2) He had a shorter stack than his opponent (3) he could had a bad feeling about this hand and (4) He was not even slowrolling that long

  31. Horrible angle shoot. Horrible slow roll. God made that 6 happen.

  32. Its not a slowrolll unless its THE NUTS. Huge life changing money on the line, he didnt want to get it in against aces. Guy was just scared and didnt know he was calling the all in like a professional player would clearly know

  33. Even tho its a slow roll its a FUNNY slow roll, AND justice was served . Perfect entertainment

  34. The Devil didnt even like that slimly move of his. Thats why she got the three 666 to beat him. Just so hed know, what a douche he is in life.

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